Summer to Winter ALIGN T-REX 700X Flight in Time, Let It Snow

Cool look, flying the ALIGN T-REX 700X during the Summer and Winter at the same location. A BIG THANK YOU to Ben Storick for all his assistance in making this video. We also appreciate the support from ALIGN RC Helicopters.

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RC Helicopter Crash Video Performed by the Best Heli Crashers EP 1

We take a look at five very cool RC Helicopter crashes performed by the best, Andrew Merlino, Drew Robinson, Ben Storick, and Ron Riccio. Enjoy the Pain! This is the first video of the RC Helicopter Crash series.

When are you too SERIOUS about your Hobby. Traveling to IRCHA 2019

Fun look at when you're too serious about a hobby. You never view your hobby addiction from this perspective, but others in your life may see it differently.

Who Is Rhys Wyatt Team ALIGN

Who is Rhys Wyatt? - Professional RC Helicopter Pilot who has great success in competing in RC Helicopter Contest around the world. Rhys is from Australia and currently flying the ALIGN T-REX 700X, 700XN, 550X, 470X, 300X and the T15 models.

Who is Kan Poonnoi Professional RC Helicopter Pilot from Thailand

Who is Kan Poonnoi? - Professional RC Helicopter Pilot who has had great success competing in RC Helicopter Contests around the world. Kan is from Thailand and currently on Team XL Power flying the Specter 520, 550 and 700 class size helicopters.

RC Helicopter Flying Among the "Cars" in The International Car Forest

Ben Storick "The Gambler" flying the T-REX 700X RC Helicopter at The International Car Forest located in Goldfield, Nevada. Enjoy this very skilled Professional RC Helicopter Pilot fly among the cars with smoke and "WHOOPS" a spectacular crash with fire. Sometimes things happen, out of your control, and it was not Ben’s fault.

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