V5 Pro Edition
AttitudeControl & Bank Switching

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Get more from your MICROBEAST PLUS/MICROBEAST PLUS HD. To keep the price low the device comes with a BASIC firmware installation. Any device can be upgraded to PRO EDITION (paid upgrade) using the StudioX Software. This will add additional features to your device that can make flying even more comfortable plus it will give you the ability to tweak the system to all your needs.


The RPM Governor can be used for electric and glow helicopters. It has built in soft start and autorotation bail out function. The control it quite similar to electric speed controllers with governor function, so you simply set your throttle curves as switches for "motor off", "headspeed 1", "headspeed 2" and "autorotation bailout".

Adjustingcomplex throttle curves is not necessary anymore and the helicopter will maintain the specified rotor head speed over the whole flight. Optional the nitro governor can be also used in classic style with throttle curves and a separate switch for governor/rpm control.


AttitudeControl overs different modes of self leveling. These are "Bailout rescue mode", "3D-Mode" and "Flighttrainer mode" with angular limitation. Basically when you activate the AttitudeControl it will turn your helicopter back to level position when you release the sticks.

Some modes additionaly apply collective pitch input and lock your thrust sti in the ground direction. So the unit will turn your helicopter and keep it leveled in hovering flight regardless of how the pilot moves the stick.


Bank Switching
With Bank Switching you can change between 3 different parameter sets in flight, instead of using only one fixed parameter set. This allows to adapt the system to different flight conditions or different rotorhead speeds, i.e. when hovering, cruising, speed flying, landing and so on. Or you can use the Bank Switching to selectively change specific parameters, i.e. switch between different rescue modes or test the effects of a parameter. Please note that due to the variety of setup options it is only possible to enable and setup the bank switching with the StudioX computer software or StudioXm App for mobile devices.



stacks image 35C94FDMICROBEAST PLUS is a gyro system which is used to stabilize and control your flybarless RC Helicopter on all three flight axis. It can be used with many different types of helicopters like 3D aerobatic helis, F3C competition helicopters as well as scale helicopters with 2 or more rotorblades. The system comes with basic flybarless stabilization functionality and can be upgraded by a paid update to the "ProEdition". This enables additional features like AttitudeControl with recue bailout or constant leveling and a feature called Bank Switching which allows changing between different parameter presets in flight to serve different flight conditions or flying styles.


stacks image 68F5B97MICROBEAST PLUS HD is the most powerful flybarless system from the MICROBEAST series. While function and operation are identical to MICROBEAST PLUS, the HD version is characterized by the possibility of a high power supply. This meets the requirements of speed flyers and extreme 3D pilots and is primarily used in helicopters larger than 500 size that have very power consuming servos installed. By using a low-resistance high-current connector system MICROBEAST PLUS HD makes it possible to use thick power cables for connecting receiver battery or BEC which preserves a virtually loss-free transfer of electric current. In addition, the power connection is switchable using a particularly fail-safe switch system, so there is no need for a separate and costly power switch.


To setup MICROBEAST PLUS or MICROBEAST PLUS HD there is no need for any additional devices. All you need is your radio system and your helicopter. Thanks to the well proven EasySetup system you can do all the necessary adjustment directly at the device and in very short time. If you like to get more insight into the system and like to have a more visualized type of setup you can also use the StudioX App for PC/Mac or StudioXm for your smartphone/tablet in combination with the USB2SYS interface (PC/Mac) or BLE2SYS interface (smartphone/tablet) (optional available). These apps are the source to get even more out of your device like saving/restoring parameters, firmware updates, loading preset heli configurations and making advanced adjustment to fully customize the device to your needs.


Box contents (MICROBEAST PLUS):

• Receiver connection cables
• 3M adhesive pads
• Adjustment tool
• Printed instruction manual

Box contents (MICROBEAST PLUS HD):

• Switch harness
• Power cable
• Receiver connection cables
• 3M adhesive pads
• Adjustment tool
• Printed instruction manual

Features: Servo center pulses:

• Swashplate: 1520µs
• Rudder: 1520µs, 960µs, 760µs

Servo pulse rates:
• Swashplate: 50 - 200Hz
• Rudder: 50 - 560Hz

Swashplate mixing:
• mCCPM, eCCPM: 90, 120, 135, 140
• Swash phasing (by using StudioX)

Input signals:
• Single channels
• PPM serial pulse
• SRXL (JR XBus, SUMD, M-Link...)
• Futaba S.Bus/S.Bus2
• Spektrum Remote Receiver* (DSM2/DSMX)
* with Spektrum Remote Receiver adapter

• USB2SYS Interface
• Spektrum Remote Receiver adapter