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Ben Storick - The Gambler


1st - NATS F3N 2019
3rd - NATS F3N 2018
6th - Global 3D 2018
2nd - Align FunFly World Invitational 2017
4th - IRCHA Battle of the Brands 2017
4th - XFC World Championship 2016
2nd - UK Zone Knockout Competition 2016
3rd - XFC World Championship 2015
1/4 Finals - UK Zone Knockout Competition 2015
2nd - UK Zone Format 2014
5th - XFC World Championship 2014
4th - XFC World Championship 2013
4th - UK Zone Knockout Competition 2013
9th - Heli Masters 2013 Venlo Professional Class
4th - Align Taiwan Contest 2013
9th - XFC World Championship 2012
7th - XFC World Championship 2011
10th - XFC World Championship 2010
2nd - Las Vegas Align Competition 2008


Team Align Ben Storick - The Gambler

Hello, my name is Ben, and I started flying RC Helicopters in 2009. I dedicate the necessary time to improve my flying skills, which has allowed me to compete in various World Competitions. I spend time on the simulator working on new moves before trying them at the field. I am usually at one of the local flying fields in Las Vegas, NV five to six times per week.

When I am not flying Align Helicopters, I spend time with my other hobbies, playing the guitar, working on my car sound system, or bowling. I am a 2-Handed bowler, which decade’s no thumb release.

In my opinion, Align helicopters are superior, because they give me the reliability and dependability that is required when competing around the world. As the industry leader, Align continues to redefine RC Helicopters with the release of the TREX 700X, TREX 550X, TREX 470L, and TREX 500X. Align helicopters are easy to build, and parts are available from any of their Distributors or Dealers. Align is one of the few RC Helicopter companies which has an extensive support network, specifically Enterprise Hobby, the Distributor for North America. I love the way Align helicopters fly, they fly precise and at the same time can be very agile.

Best of all you do not have to be an expert pilot as Align Helicopters are great for all flying skill levels and styles; beginner, intermediate, extreme 3D (like me), scale flying, or aerial photography everything you need Align has you covered.

I hope to see you at one of the local FunFly’s that I will attend in the United States.

Ben Storick Flight Videos

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