Danny Szabo Unboxing Align TB70

Danny Szabo unboxes the "NEW" TB70 from Align! The TB70 is a light weight, high performance belt driven 700 Class RC Helicopter with many new inovations making the TB70 an outstanding choice for a begginer or advanced pilot.

Unboxing The NEW T-REX 300X From Align

A close up look at what is in the NEW T-REX 300X from Align. Both Super Combo Ready to Fly RTF and Combo Kits are discussed.

To Purchase Visit: AlignTrexShop.com

UnBoxing Align T-REX 600XN Super Combo “Official Video” RH60N06X 2018

Official UnBoxing video of the new Align T-REX 600XN Super Combo. The new Align T-REX 600XN is available in two kits the 600XN Super Combo (RH60N06X) or the 600XN Combo (RH60N07X). The Align T-REX 600XN Super Combo includes the Align 55H nitro motor and the Align 50 high-performance muffler whereas the T-REX 600XN Combo Kit does not. Both 600XN require an additional receiver and Flybarless Unit.
Facebook: Team Align

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T-REX 450LP Dominator ARTF (AC) Un-Boxing RH45E32X

Un-Boxing the NEW T-REX 450LP Dominator ARTF (AC) RH45E32X. We take a close look at everything included in the box, the A10 Transmitter, 450LP, Align 2200mAh 3S Lipo, RCC-3SX Align Charger, and more.
Always Keep Flying

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UnBoxing Align T-REX 700XN Combo 2017

Official UnBoxing video of the new Align T-REX 700XN Combo. The new Align T-REX 700XN is available in two in two packages the 700XN Combo or the 700XN Kit. The Align T-REX 700XN Combo includes servos whereas the T-REX 700XN Kit does not include servos. Both 700XN require an additional receiver, Flybarless Unit, and Motor such as a YS91 SRX or YS96 SRX, and YS Power Pipe.
Facebook: Team Align

[vimeo url="https://vimeo.com/249466282"]

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Unboxed Align TREX 760X TOP Combo May 2017

The brand new Align T-REX 760X Unboxed. The T-REX 760X features a new body size and 760mm main blade suitable for F3C or 3D flight. The TREX 760X includes specific parts for either F3C or 3D which all are included in the box. This design provides outstanding performance allowing you to select which flying style or feel to install.

The new 700FL rotor head system can use new F3C rotor holder arm and 3D rotor holder arm. F3C rotor holder arm effectively doubles the flight stability with excellent and precise control accuracy not only has more advantages in the static flight also provide the perfect controlling feel in 3D flight. 3D rotor holder arm suitable for extreme 3D flight provides the more direct and faster control response. Main rotor grip arm and linkage rod is at 90-degree angle symmetrically, allow to keep the best precise flight performance. Also the new 760 main blade features with better flight stability and superior lift making the T-REX 760X in the control feel and stability better than other models. Utilized the three tail blade set as standard accessory feature with excellent controlling feel and superior tail authority allowing you to enjoy the flying no matter F3C or 3D flight.

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Unboxing TREX 150X Combo RH15E06X from Align

UnBoxing the TREX 150X Combo BTF helicopter from Align. This is T-REX 150X helicopter only kit, part # RH15E06X

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TREX 150X Unboxing the New Resigned T-REX 150X BTF Model !

TREX 150X Unboxing the New Resigned BTF Model !

Align's smallest 3D helicopter the T-Rex 150X, carries the same superior pedigree and design concept that originated from the successful T-Rex line of helicopters. Featuring strong power, superior flight control stability, and equipped with high end components, far exceeding any other helicopters currently on the market. Integrate 6-aix gyro, receiver, ESC and Bluetooth controlling system. Set up and update the flight parameter settings via APP Interface. Support for mobile devices, iOS & Android allows easy set up and adjustment to flight parameter settings. The APP makes firmware updates easier to install. Download the FREE APP to get the latest firmware update with additional improved functions. Main motor KV value is increased to 9000KV to deliver outstanding power, torque, and high efficiency with low power consumption delivering outstanding performance. The tail motor provides superior tail authority out performing all other micro heli's on the market. T-Rex 150X features built in Futaba S-FHSS 2.4Ghz system, and support the use of Spektrum DSM2/DSMX / JR DSM2/DMSS satellite receivers. Miniature size, control precision that resembles the larger helicopters, enables you to enjoy flying inside a confined space. Beginners can even enjoy this with ease by just turning down the speed dial. The innovative breakthrough T-Rex 150X will bring you a new dimension of flying enjoyment.


RCC-300 Intelligent Battery Charger Unboxing Enterprise Hobby Align

Now Available the NEW RCC-300 powerful charger from Align; Provides 300 Watts - 25 Amps charge/discharge service significantly shorten the charging time. For ease of uses a convenient user-friendly touch screen interface which displays the charging status.


  • Touch Screen
  • Program Data Export/Import
  • PC Interface
  • End Voltage Controlled
  • Storage Charge
  • Maximum Safety
  • Cooling System
  • 32Bit MCU Processor
  • Discharge
  • Delta Peak Sensitive
  • Nixx Battery Cycles
  • Battery Meter
  • Safety Timer
  • Temperature Sensor