The Align Flight Academy (AFA) Pilot-In-Training fee varies. Our program is designed to provide professional fight instruction from Alan Szabo Jr, Ben Storick, Colin Bell, Darrick Chekas, Gale Align and our Friends to those Pilots-In-Training looking for one-on-one RC helicopter instruction.

There are several ways to reduce each Pilot-In-Training fee when scheduling an Align Fight Academy with Friends session in conjunction with a FunFly. Class sizes are adjusted based on the individual needs of the students. Our goal is to help individuals who seek professional instruction and to assist the local RC Club or FunFly. We are confident the final fee for the Align Flight Academy delivers a professional personal experience giving back to the RC helicopter community.

We work closely with the onsite event coordinator who is assigned the responsibility to ensure the necessary items; such as, work area, power, charging facility, fuel (nitro), flight area, etc. are available upon arrival.

Each Pilot-In-Training must complete an online Align Flight Academy Personal Information Form to provide the necessary information which allows the AFA to individualize instruction to each student's specific needs and wants.

For additional information or to schedule the Align Flight Academy with our Friends for a group or private RC helicopter flight lessons either before your FunFly or at another time, contact us by visiting or email